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440 pages with 900 photos of women musicians, writers, poets, comics, activists, healers, movers and shakers. Photos, tributes, memories, poems. $125 + $10 shipping.  Irene Young Photos

Irene Young is a distinctive photographer whose body of work profoundly affected the musical movement which came to be known as Women’s Music. Although she has photographed a multitude of artists across several genres, she wanted within this book to represent her five decades photographing women who spawned an uncommon global community through music and art, connectivity, and unabashed authenticity.

There are many great photographers – but there are precious few whose work is a signature – you recognize it the minute you see it. Her technique and composition are a part of that style, but truly seeing and honoring the artist is her most unique gift. Ask anyone who has been photographed by her. They have all felt genuinely seen by Irene.

 -  Judy Dlugacz



855 Marina Bay Parkway, Suite 120, Richmond, CA 94804

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